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Sandy Brown


Sandy Brown's 'Temple' is currently being exhibited at Chatsworth House for Sotheby's 10th annual Beyond Limits exhibition.


Sotherby's Twitter account with images of the exhibition.

Film of the 'Temple'.

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Sandy Brown has been commissioned by Sotheby’s to create an exciting large scale installation for the 2015 Sotheby’s Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth House.

For this Sandy has created a magnificent Temple. It is a spiritual non- denominational place for quiet contemplation. For this piece, Sandy was inspired by her visits to Venice, the Taj Mahal, the Blue Mosque in Isfahan, also by Chagall and Matisse. Temple is an expression of joy and free thought, where people may find the opportunity for reflection and inspiration.

Temple stands over 6 metres tall and includes over 5,200 handmade decorated ceramic tiles. It has taken her 11 months to complete and is a major work, with an air of exuberance, colour and vitality. The inside is a riot of colour set off by eight bright fused glass windows by Simon Moore.

This year’s tenth anniversary edition of Beyond Limits; Landscape of British Sculpture 1950-2015, will demonstrate the breadth and impact of half a century of British artistic achievement.

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Sandy Brown would like to thank Tudor Roof Tiles for their beautiful tiles and generous sponsorship of this AMAZING project.