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I am involved in the biggest project of my life and have opportunities for interns starting mid October. If you would like to apply please email me at

The Sandy Brown Museum opens in Appledore in June 2014. Watch this space for more information. If you would like to be on the mailing list please email Sandy.


The Modern Banquet

Visual Jazz

Jump Touch Yellow (opposite) is a continuation of the 'Enter The Dance' project which will be going on tour 2013.
More information about 'Enter The Dance'

... 'Today it is hard to imagine the European ceramics scene without her. She is famous for her spontaneous, passionate use of clay and colours. Her almost provokingly simple use of form and her strong, energetic brush decorations feed from direct emotion, from confidence in her own intuition and from a portion of childlike anarchy she preserved for herself. Sandy Brown's catalytic, liberating influence on European ceramics in the seventies and above all eighties must not be underestimated. At a time when European ceramics threatened to get stuck between Asiatic ideals and local traditions, her impetuous, lustful approach to the material demonstrated exciting new possibilities.'

Gabi Dewald, Editor,
writing in Keramik magazine Germany 2000

Sandy Brown


Preview of a performance by Sue Way (dancer), Sandy Brown (ceramic artist) and Chris de Graal (musician) using paint, clay, dance and music




Ritual: The Still Point and the Dance

Painting dynamic surfaces on ceramics

Dec 19-21 - 2 days at West Dean, Chichester.
Please contact at West Dean College to book


'Creativity is Play'

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The next course  in Appledore is full, 5th-10th January 2015.

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