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October 23rd to 28th Creativity is Play

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October 23rd to 28th 2017

Through play and being free you will find that you can be creative without really trying. You will see that being creative is as natural as breathing. It is part of us, as long as we don't stifle it, which we often do.

Through play, letting go and loosening up you will get in touch with your deepest source of creativity; with what I call the Horse. The object of this course is to liberate your Horse so that you will know and understand it and be able to follow it where it goes. It is a transformational experience; quite possibly, likely, you will change.

My job is to facilitate this; to set up projects which will allow this to happen, to let your Horse run free, and to support you. You'll do things e.g. very fast, or with a short time limit, or with your eyes closed. You will play, be free, and learn that the way to be most creative is not to be attached to the end product, but to be in the moment, playing, now.

When we are responsive to what is happening during play, when we have an open mind, and lose all attachment to having to produce a 'work of art', that is when IT happens. By It I mean creativity. And when we are being mot creative we are most ourselves, so you will discover more about yourselves too. You JUST DO IT, instinctively, spontaneously, playfully.

We will do this through clay and drawings and occasionally going to the beach. You might want to paint, draw, to throw on the wheel (if so then there is an opportunity to do creative throwing), to make figures, to make sculptural forms. You may already know, you may not. And because each person is different, each course is different.

Each group is small, usually around six or so. The conversations are very important as it is through the conversations that you develop a heightened awareness of what you are doing. It is quite intensive.

Six day courses 450 non-residential. It includes lunch and a generous use of materials. There are several B&B's right close by at various prices, from 20 per night to 45 (luxurious). Info will be sent on booking. The two week course will be 900.

By car coming from the East take exit 27 from the M5, onto the A361 to Barnstaple, where it becomes the A39, go towards Bideford and then over the new bridge which bypasses Bideford, then at the roundabout immediately afterwards, turn right to Appledore, then after 3/4 mile, first right to Appledore. As you come down the hill into Appledore you will see the house in the row at the bottom on the left, No 3, with ceramics in the window. You can park outside.
By Train:
The nearest train station is Barnstaple which is on the branch line from Exeter; from London use Paddington Station to Exeter, then change at Barnstaple, then taxi or bus to Appledore. Barnstaple is ten miles away.
By Coach:
There is a twice daily bus from Victoria Coach Station in London to Bideford, then bus or taxi the two miles to Appledore.

To Book:
Please book early by sending a cheque for 50.
To bring: An open mind, a camera (or video camera if you have one), a journal, and clothes you can make a mess in.

Appledore is a beautiful part of the world; there are lovely walks around the isthmus which has a calm tidal estuary on one side and Atlantic rollers on the other. The village is the home of active fishing trawlers and you will be in my house for lunch which is right on the waterfront with lovely views of the estuary. Your studio is in our new large exciting building just down the road, the old Glove Factory.

If you would like further information please email me or phone +44-(0)1237-478219. SB

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